Pretty Muddy Awesome

Pretty Muddy Awesome
March 3, 2014 Linda Murray

Linda Murray, Athena Coaching, Miss Muddy

On Sunday, a group of gals got together, emblazoned in Athena Coaching T-shirts to compete (aka, play) in the Miss Muddy run  ( – “a fun celebration of women, for women”. It’s a very light hearted 5km run with obstacles, mud, foam and of course, cannons spraying pink paint! Proceeds from Miss Muddy go to various women’s charities such as Fitted for Work, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) and White Ribbon Australia just to mention a few.

Aside from the fun and the feel-good-factor of supporting fantastic charities, it was really lovely watching the team work, both within teams but also between teams. We were crawling through mud pits and scaling 3 meter high walls. Everyone got in there and lent a hand wherever it was needed (quite often on someone’s toosh to push them over an obstacle) whether it was your teammate or not. Our team name was “Pretty Muddy Awesome” and we did it proud!

It got me thinking – do we tap into our support networks enough? So let me ask you a few questions:Miss Mudday, Linda Murray, Athena Coaching

  • Who is your team?
  • Who are your business buddies?
  • When did you last connect with them?
  • How can you help progress them in their profession?
  • How could you learn more about them?
  • What could you do that would add strength to your professional relationship?

Take 5 minutes right now to do something that will positively impact or brighten 2 of your business buddies day today. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture – just something to show them you’re happy they are on your team.

Linda Murray, Athena Coaching, Miss Muddy

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