Tailored leadership development programs for your organisational needs.

At Athena Leadership Academy, we create award-winning leadership development programs tailored specifically to the needs of your people. We partner with you to ascertain what specific outcomes your firm requires, then design and facilitate a bespoke program to build leaders who are confident and capable in their role, whilst driving optimal performance.

Athena Leadership Academy partners with organisations that understand that its essential to arm leaders with the skills and mindset for success.

Successful organisations depend on their leaders to make confident, autonomous and aligned decisions, and in the process, to be leaders people actually want to follow. In order to do this effectively, leaders need to be emotionally intelligent, self-aware, resilient and striving for continuous improvement. We consider all components from talent selection and targeting, topic selection, best practice learning methodologies, key success measurements, accountability and manager involvement, exceptional delivery and additional resources.

Learn • Interact • Apply • Integrate

Athena Leadership Academy Programs adopt a blended learning approach, proven to maximise engagement, integration of the learnings and therefore drive commercial results. All of our programs are both enjoyable for participants and drive long-term commercial results, long after the program is complete.

The value is in the implementation. Therefore all program modules are supported with integration projects, learning resources and between module check-ins

Our award-winning programs commit to building self-awareness, leadership capability and the accountability required to make concepts stick. They focus on:

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Emerging Leaders

Equip your Emerging Leaders with the skills and mindset they need to drive their performance.

Elevate Leaders

Develop your senior-level leaders whilst improving Performance and Increasing retention


Our workshops are tailored for your organisation's needs and can be delivered in person or online.

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