Professional leadership development for high performing and high potential individuals and teams.​

For Individuals

Assuming a position of leadership is a true honour. Becoming a leader that people genuinely want to follow is the goal. To get there, it’s about cultivating a leadership mindset and developing new skills. When we work together we help you to stay accountable and accelerate your transformation as a leader, catapulting you into a career you absolutely love.

For Organisations

Your people are your greatest resource. Effective leadership practices set the stage for a high-performance culture. Nurturing a high-performance culture demands continuous effort. Committed to excellence, we offer Leadership Programs that fuel organisational success. Our proven track record tells the story.

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Working with Linda has completely changed how I show up at work, both in leading my team and managing myself. Linda has been an incredible sounding board, always providing guidance without judgment. She helps you understand underlying issues and find effective ways to overcome fears and poor management habits, fostering greater confidence in the workplace.One of the most significant changes I've experienced is the elimination of imposter syndrome. Thanks to Linda's coaching, I now recognise my true value and can contribute in meetings with a confidence I never had before. Linda's insights have empowered me to take on challenges I previously shied away from, such as public speaking and presenting on camera.Linda's leadership courses are invaluable. Her support and strategies have enabled me to step up in ways I never thought possible. I cannot recommend her courses enough for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and self-confidence. The lessons taken away flow both through my professional and personal life.
Working with Athena Leadership Academy has been nothing short of fantastic. Both for our business and personally. The creative and safe space provided to connect, understand and acheive is exceptional.
As the local L&D Head of a large global Banking Institution, it has been my great pleasure to partner with Linda Murray of the Athena Leadership Academy to deliver some high impact learning, coaching and mentoring programs that have benefited our people and added great value to the Organisation.I love Linda’s pragmatic style; she starts with the end in mind and asks the right questions, listening intently to ensure she understands what we are trying to achieve. While based in a very solid theoretical foundation, Linda’s proposals are practical. She has run her own business and understands the challenges leaders face and what would work in our context.Linda has added real value to our organization in a number of areas including leadership, executive presence, influencing, career development and personal effectiveness. We trust her with our most senior leaders and hi-potentials not only in Australia, but across the APAC region. Our employees have always provided excellent feedback on Linda’s programs; they find her both knowledgeable and inspiring and have said she is someone who “walks the talk”. Managers have commented they have observed an increase in confidence in their people, having attended one of Linda’s programs.I would describe Linda’s style as charismatic and engaging; whether she is coaching an Executive or running a session on influencing for our front line staff, Linda is able to connect with people and inspire them to want to develop themselves.I have no hesitation in recommending the Athena Leadership Academy to anyone who may be looking to build capability in their business and I look forward to further great collaboration with Linda.
Absolute powerhouse - grounds all work in theory base research, such a wonderful experience and outcome orientated leadership work, recommend for any business wanting to thrive.

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