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Career Goal Reset – Week 3: Turn Dreams into Reality with Action Plans and Habits

Armed with clear targets, we then delved into Prioritising using the Eisenhower Matrix, a powerful tool to help you focus on what truly matters. Finally, we conducted an Alignment Check and Resource Assessment, ensuring your goals align with your values and that you have the resources needed to succeed.

By now, you’ve essentially created a roadmap – a series of milestones marking your path to career success. This week, we’re taking the next crucial step: transforming those milestones into tangible actions and building the habits that will fuel your journey.

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Know Your Market Value: Navigating Salary Benchmarking

Knowing your market value is paramount to supporting your endeavour to close the gender pay gap, and salary benchmarking is a powerful tool that empowers you to understand where you stand in terms of compensation within your industry and region. By conducting thorough research and leveraging available resources, you can ensure you are always fairly compensated for your skills, experience, and contributions. Let’s explore how to navigate salary benchmarking effectively and secure the compensation you deserve.

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Replacement Value vs. Market Value: Understanding Your Unique Contribution

Unlock the power of replacement value and market value in defining your professional worth. Discover how these concepts impact your career path, salary negotiations, and personal growth. Learn to assess your value within your organization and the broader job market, empowering you to navigate your professional journey with clarity and confidence.

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The Power of Sponsorship in Advocating for Women in Underrepresented Spaces

In the journey towards gender equality and diversity in the workplace, it’s crucial to go beyond mentorship and embrace the power of sponsorship.

In this blog post, I share more about the concept of sponsorship, focusing on how senior leaders can be supported to advocate for women in spaces where their representation is lacking—a critical step in addressing the disparity between being over-mentored and under-sponsored.

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The Power of Small Wins: How Tiny Habits Lead to Big Results

Imagine a row of dominoes, each representing a small habit in your daily routine. At first glance, a single domino may seem inconsequential. However, when you push the first domino and set the chain reaction in motion, the cumulative effect becomes awe-inspiring. Similarly, small wins in the form of tiny habits create a positive domino effect in your life. These habits build momentum, creating a ripple of success that extends far beyond the initial action.We can often strive for instant gratification and monumental achievements, but it’s easy to overlook the transformative potential of small, consistent actions. The concept of “The Power of Small Wins” revolves around the idea that tiny habits, when cultivated and nurtured, can pave the way for significant and sustainable accomplishments over time. In this week’s Athena Insight’s blog post, I share ways to build habits that benefit you for long-term goals and how examples of tiny habits contribute to big results.

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