3 Ways Your Business can Shine Amongst the Competition

3 Ways Your Business can Shine Amongst the Competition
September 23, 2014 Linda Murray

make your business shineWherever you look, there seems to be a business offering the same kinds of products or services. No matter what kind of business you run, we’ve probably all felt the same way at some stage.

Some days you wonder how your customers are going to find you in the crowd. Some business owners turn to discounting their offerings while others throw hard-earned money at advertising.  Although both of these options have a place, they aren’t sustainable long term, so what do you do?

The problem really isn’t as big as it seems, and here are three things that you can do to make your business shine.

Stop comparing your business with others

This probably seems quite obvious as you are reading it, but when you are deep in those moments of doubt, it’s hard to take your eyes away from your competition. The decision to stop looking has to be a conscious choice that you make at the time. It takes discipline and practice but the magic is that once you stop looking, you cease to have competitors. It’s amazing how much difference simply taking off that pressure makes to your mindset. Suddenly you can look at your own business with clear eyes. You will see what needs to be polished or promoted. You will see where you excel.

Find ways to show your “why”.

Simon Sinek hit a nerve with his “Start With Why” book and presentations. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”  He points to Apple computers as an example. We buy them even though they are more expensive than their competitors, and it’s not because they are so much better than the others.  It’s because we buy into their “why.”

Why do you do what you do?  It won’t be just for money or status. There’s a passion there inside you, isn’t there? That’s what you need to share with your current and potential clients. Show them where your heart is and you will win them.

Now, it’s not always easy to put your ‘why’ into words and that’s great because it will stop some of your competitors from doing it. It’s worth putting in the time to create your “why” message and weave it through everything you do – social media, advertising, website content and more. This is what makes you unique.

Show off your social awareness

You’ve probably noticed an increasing concern amongst people for different social causes, and to some extent we can thank social media for that. Global warming, poverty, prevention of animal cruelty, homelessness… There are many important causes out there, some on a worldwide scale and others affecting only local areas. If your business is socially aware, how are you showing that to the world?  It is not unusual for people to choose the more expensive product over the least, simply because they can see that their money will also be doing some good in the community. It’s like earning double value on their expenditure. Show your social and community awareness and your business will become more appealing.

These three actions are simple but powerful and, if you look at them, they are nothing to do with money or profit. Rather, they are about your mindset and your message, and that’s where the power of distinction comes from.

Be you and be proud to show it in your business.



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