Why Mindset Matters

Why Mindset Matters
October 1, 2019 Linda Murray
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As leaders, when we think about the qualities that it takes to excel, many of us focus on our background and experiences. We do this because these are things which seem to be directly within our control. The truth is that before we can increase our results and maximise our level of success, we must first approach our careers and our work with the right mindset.

Mindset is More than Attitude

Our mindset is the way that we view the world, and it often goes by many terms. You may have been told that you just need to be “more positive,” or “express more gratitude,” and everything will “fall into place.” Having a mindset which helps you, rather than hinders you, however, is about more than simply having a positive attitude.

Our mindset is the attitudes and beliefs we hold about our lives, abilities and experiences. It’s the lens through which we view our world. It’s the wellspring from which we draw our energy, creativity, determination and motivation and that’s why it’s a key factor in our success. Having a healthy, flexible mindset can give us an important edge over the competition.

We Have the Power to Change

One of the wonderful things about our mindset is that it isn’t fixed. It’s pliable. We have the power to shape it by reflecting on our experiences and adjusting our attitudes. We are free to change our impressions and beliefs. Our viewpoints are not fixed in stone. Just like any other leadership quality or skill, we can change, and improve our mindsets.

Shifting our beliefs and opinions as we gain more information and experience is critical to becoming the best leader (and person) we can be.

Embrace Different Perspectives

When we have a healthy mindset, we easily understand our role within our organisation and the unique talents and abilities that we have to offer. When our mindset is unhealthy, we are overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt. We allow our “inner critic,” to be in charge, and we stop taking risks and giving our best.

When our mindset has been optimised to work for us, rather than against us, we are able to correctly appraise situations. We quickly discern the obstacles that are blocking us, and we can easily see the path forward. When we hold on to outdated ways of thinking and doing things, we adopt an inflexible mindset that leaves us “stuck.” With this type of mindset, our best efforts will only produce mediocre results.

Rather than holding on to a fixed viewpoint, you can improve your mindset by looking for ways to be more flexible in how you view yourself and others. Leave yourself open to new challenges and experiences. Seek out feedback from your peers or a trusted mentor to gain different viewpoints so you view situations with “new eyes” and gain a fresh perspective.

When you realise you are in control of your mindset, you accept yourself as the true author of your life story. The beautiful thing is when you accept that you are in control of what happens to you – or the way you respond to it – you begin to understand the power you have within yourself. This means you, and you alone, have the power to determine the level of success you reach.

Your mindset is your strongest life or career tool. Make sure it’s working for you. I’d love to help you fine-tune your mindset for your best results. If that appeals to you, send me an email at [email protected] and let’s make it happen.

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