Who’s in your strategic support network?

Who’s in your strategic support network?
October 7, 2013 Linda Murray

Linda Murray, Athena Coaching, Network, Support, StrategyStrategic support networks are all about who you have around you and how can they help accelerate your success. Women build relationships incredibly well. Lets start leveraging this skill!

Who are your distribution sources? By that I mean, who are your professional raving fans?

Who is out there supporting your career progression? We go to networking events because we understand the power of word of mouth marketing, right? So, who is out there selling your services and creating opportunities for you? As women, we connect well, we support one another well. We need to work to our strengths in a commercial environment as well.

Are the people around you helping or hindering your success?

Do you colleagues, partners, families, bosses understand what success looks like for you – both personally and professionally? What conversations do you need to have with them to help them understand and be aligned with what you are trying to achieve?

People want to help you achieve success. If they don’t know what you need, sometimes they don’t even realise their actions and expectations are getting in your way or slowing you down.



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