[ANNOUNCEMENT] We’re changing some things around here in Athena Land!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] We’re changing some things around here in Athena Land!
March 26, 2019 Linda Murray
In Small Business

This month we’ve been focusing on change, both in the blogs you’ve been reading AND within our business. Some of you might have noticed some gradual changes we’ve been making to the look and feel of Athena.

It’s with great pride that I share these changes with you.

Athena Coaching has evolved … a lot!

When I started the business in 2010, Athena Coaching was all about Business Coaching and Executive Coaching for professional women. Over the past decade, we have evolved and grown and we now offer so much more! Let me share that evolution with you now.

Firstly, the name.

Athena Coaching has now evolved to Athena Leadership Academy.

This change is to encompass the range of services we offer. Essentially, Athena Leadership Academy offers more than professional coaching and is about transforming organisations, one leader at a time.

How do we do this?

  • We continue to offer Executive Coaching services to senior leaders, however this is now to both female and male leaders.
  • We design and facilitate bespoke workshops to build the capability and engagement of your leaders and their teams.
  • We collaborate with organisations to design and run large scale tailored leadership development programs. This could be a six to 12-month program focusing on a core group such as high potential future leaders, individuals on the pursuit to Partnership, or female talent.
  • We design and facilitate Graduate programs. You find your future stars and then we take care of the rest, inducting them into your organisation, ensuring they are job ready and continue to grow throughout their first 18 months in the workplace.
  • And finally, keynote speaking on range of topics helping to create cultures where people feel safe to truly show up, perform at their best, communicate exceptionally and build careers they are proud of.

The result – individuals, teams and organisations thrive.

All of the above services draw from our expertise in:

What about the red stiletto?

Representing professional women showing up in all their authenticity and natural sass, the red stiletto served us well. Alas, after a decade, it’s time to retire the heel. Trust me when I say, it’s taken me a loooong time to be able to let her go! But as you will see, we are now so much more than what the red stiletto has always represented.

Welcoming our new look … the puzzle piece!

My fascination with Psychology and human behaviour has led me to believe that we are all like a puzzle – a picture which gets created by hundreds of different, unique pieces brought together to create the whole. And over time, the puzzle of you is constantly changing, growing and evolving. Our career journey as professionals forms a significant part of that picture. We already have already collected so many pieces to make our own unique puzzle. And there are always so many more pieces to collect to take us to that next level. We need a way to find and fill those gaps as we progress.

That is exactly where Athena Leadership Academy slots in. We help professionals uncover the puzzle pieces they are missing, to allow them to step up to create a career they love and to become the professional they are proud of.

We are so excited about the evolution of the brand as it represents the shift in our philosophy, services and client base over the past three to four years. The past decade of Athena Coaching has been an amazing journey. We can’t wait to see what the next ten-year chapter of Athena Leadership Academy will bring and create!

What does this mean for you?

While you’ll still have the same experience with us, our services will continue to evolve, grow and expand.

We all know evolution and change takes time so throughout the coming months, you’ll also see the new brand evolve and see the changes roll out, especially the website which we will launch later this year.

There will also be a shift to our new email addresses, so please add these to your address book so you receive future communications from us;

We’re really excited to evolve and thank you for being part of our evolution and for growing with us!

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