The Joy Jar

The Joy Jar
December 9, 2020 Linda Murray

Want to bring more happiness and joy into your life?  After this year of change and uncertainty, we could all use more positivity. 

I want to share a little secret that will help you boost your mood and focus on the good things in life. 


Well, hello and welcome to December. We’re now a week or so in and I think we’re all doing varying degrees of crawling our way to the finish line after what has been an absolutely massive year. I just wanted to share with you a little annual ritual that I do every year in my own life. Each year, I create a joy jar. Not sure if you’ve heard of this before. What I do is throughout the year when great things happen, I collect a little note so I’ll write a note of it and I put it in a jar. When I say great things, it might be a win that I have at work or in my personal life, it might be a great conversation that I have with a client or a testimonial I receive. It could be a moment where I’m out to lunch with my girlfriends and it’s one of those laugh out loud, tears streaming sort of moments, just anything that is really special.

I place those notes in the jar and then on the 31st of December before going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, I open up the jar and I read all these little notes and recap all the amazing experiences throughout the year. Despite the challenges in 2020, my joy jar this year had to be supersized to a joy vase. As you can see, this is the joy vase for 2020, because amongst other great things that happened, I got married so there’s a lot of deposits in there based on love and happy occasions and what have yous. For you in 2021, why not build your resilience, deliberately create these moments of flourishing positive emotion by creating your joy jar for 2021 so that by this time next year you get to open that jar and celebrate all the amazing experiences that are going to feel your year next year.


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