The 7 Key Characteristics to Become Mentally Strong

The 7 Key Characteristics to Become Mentally Strong
April 21, 2021 Linda Murray

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked about resilience and mental toughness and discovered the difference between the two. We’ve also looked at how to lead a team which is suffering from stress and trauma. It’s clear that there’s a lot of responsibility on the leader’s shoulders to hold themselves together and get their teams through this pandemic era. If you’re a leader, you’ll need to be mentally strong to overcome these pressures.

How mentally strong are you? Well, if you possess any of these characteristics, you might be stronger than you think.

  1. Concentrate on what can be controlled.

There may be many challenges you have to face each day but some of them are outside your control. Mentally strong people don’t waste time trying to manage those things. Instead, they work on the things they can change and influence. They concentrate their mind and energy on things which will produce a result.

  1. Look for the positives.

Mentally strong people have an optimistic outlook. They look for the positives or create them in every situation. By looking at the upside, they energise themselves with possibilities and inspire their people to follow.

  1. Take responsibility for the situation.

By blaming others for the situation, mentally weak people give away their power. If it’s someone else’s fault, only that person can fix it. Mentally strong people accept responsibility for their choices which means it’s within their power to make a change. Responsibility gives you control.

  1. Be mindful.

Living in the now allows mentally strong people to focus on the moment and produce the best results they can. They are not distracted by the worries of the future or possibilities which might not ever happen. They can enjoy what they do and get the most out of it.

  1. Manage limiting beliefs.

Nothing can hold you back unless you let it. Mentally strong people manage their self-talk. The mind likes to point out the negatives, trying to keep you safe from danger or failure. But it traps you. The mentally strong examine their thoughts and ask, “Is that true?” or “What if that’s wrong?” They open their minds to other possible ways of thinking.

  1. Make time for self-care.

Knowing how important it is to stay healthy and well-balanced, mentally strong people take time for themselves. They eat well, exercise, take time out and pay attention to their physical, mental and emotional health. They know that to be the best person or leader they can be, they need to be functioning properly.

  1. Self-defined success.

Too often success is defined for us by other people. Fast cars, status, lots of money, promotions… Mentally strong people define their own success. It’s success on their own terms instead of living up to another person’s definition. Success might be ending the day feeling happy or sleeping well every night. It might be seeing the team enjoying their work. It might be doing better than they did the day before. Other people’s ideas are theirs. Create your own.

Like any other skill or mindset, you can develop your mental strength with practice. Spend time each day working on these characteristics and, at the end of the day, reflect on what you did well and what you still need to work on. Coaching is helpful because your coach will help you identify the thought processes which need work. I’d love to help you improve your mental strength. Let’s chat about the ways I can help

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