The business of Sochi downhill skiing

The business of Sochi downhill skiing
February 20, 2014 Linda Murray

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What can we learn from the Sochi downhill skiers?

Watching these guys and gals in Sochi throw themselves down the mountain on skis is exhilarating. It made me think – we can learn so much from these elite athletes in relation to business.

These skiers absolutely attack the mountain with the same commitment that we should be dedicating to our business.

Fitness – They have done their preparation. They are extremely fit. How business fit are you? Do you push yourself beyond your commercial comfort zone and keep learning, building, growing?

Strategy – They have studied the course and practiced it, both mentally and physically. They pick their route and commit to it. How clear are you on your business strategy? Do you revisit it regularly to make sure you’re on track?

Belief – They back themselves around every bend. Even when they get thrown slightly from their plan, they recommit and believe unquestionably that they can win. How strong is your self belief? What can you do to remind yourself everyday that you’ve got what it takes?

Team – They use their team, their coaches, their support crew. Although they might be the person collecting the medal, that medal only goes to the skier with a strong and supportive team. Who is your support crew? Do you have a coach who guides you, mentors you and helps you see opportunities others miss?

Perspiration – Even when it gets tough, they keep going. In fact, it would be fair to say that the best of the best in any game (sport or business) thrives on tough. They embrace the challenges, grow and seek the next one.  What are you going to tell yourself next time it gets tough and you want to give up?

Ask yourself – what can I do to ensure a gold medal performance in my business? And whatever that is, identify one task you can start doing today.




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