Overcoming the Barriers to Online Learning and Development by Embracing the 70/20/10 Approach

Overcoming the Barriers to Online Learning and Development by Embracing the 70/20/10 Approach
December 6, 2023 Linda Murray

I couldn’t go past sharing this video of Jimmy Rees. It gave me a chuckle and I know it will make you giggle as well as we can all relate to the online learning and development training.

In my experience there are several reasons why your L&D platforms aren’t being used or why people roll their eyes when they are told that there will be a workshop or program available for professional development. In this blog post, I will explore common reasons why teams might be hesitant to embrace online learning and discuss how implementing the 70/20/10 development approach can inspire active engagement.

The Hurdles: Why Teams Aren’t Using the Online Learning Platform

1. Lack of Awareness

  • Some team members may not be aware of the existence or value of the online learning platform.

2. Time Constraints

  • Busy schedules and competing priorities can make it challenging for team members to allocate time for online learning.

3. Lack of Career Clarity

  • They might not have career goals or be 100% sure on what they are which makes the learning irrelevant to them.

4. Perceived Lack of Relevance

  • Team members may already have career clarity and perceive the content on the platform as unrelated to their current roles or immediate goals.

5. Technological Barriers

  • Issues with technology, unfamiliarity with the platform interface, or concerns about digital literacy may hinder adoption

The Solution: Embracing the 70/20/10 Development Approach

As a leader make it your priority to ensure your team are working on building their skills using an approach that keeps them engaged!

The 70/20/10 development approach, popularised by the Center for Creative Leadership, emphasises learning through a combination of on-the-job experiences (70%), social interactions and collaborations (20%), and formal educational activities (10%). Here’s how you can apply this approach to encourage your team to embrace online learning:

1. Increase Awareness: The 10% Formal Learning Component

  • Launch awareness campaigns highlighting the value and relevance of the online learning platform.
  • Schedule dedicated time for team members to explore the platform, emphasizing its role in their professional development.

2. Facilitate Social Learning: The 20% Social Interaction Component

  • Foster a culture of knowledge-sharing within the team.
  • Create forums, discussion groups, or mentorship programs where team members can share insights gained from online learning.

3. Integrate Learning into Work: The 70% On-the-Job Component

  • Encourage team members to apply what they learn in real-time.
  • Connect online learning content to current projects or tasks, making it immediately applicable.

Tips for Successful Implementation

1. Offer Flexible Learning Paths

  • Allow team members to choose courses that align with their goals and interests.
  • Provide a variety of content formats to accommodate different learning preferences.

2. Recognise and Celebrate Learning Achievements

  • Establish a system for acknowledging milestones and accomplishments on a regular basis.
  • Share success stories within the team to inspire others.

3. Provide Ongoing Support

  • Offer training sessions or tutorials to address technological barriers.
  • Assign mentors or create peer support networks to assist team members in navigating the platform.

4. Seek Feedback and Iterate

  • Regularly gather feedback on the online learning experience.
  • Use insights to refine content, address concerns, and enhance user experience.

Reward Continuous Growth

By addressing barriers and implementing the 70/20/10 development approach, you can transform the online learning platform from an overlooked resource into an engaging tool for continuous growth. Embrace a culture of learning that seamlessly integrates with daily work, fostering collaboration, relevance, and innovation within your team. As you unlock the potential of online learning, you’ll pave the way for a more agile and empowered workforce.

If you would like to lean more about the 70/20/10 learning approach download our guide below. Alternatively contact us to find out more about our leadership development programs and workshops for teams.


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