What is the Next Best Step in Your Leadership Career?

Leadership careerWhen developing your leadership career, there is one thing you need to understand: you have options – and plenty of them. And that is great news for leaders. However, sometimes it is hard to determine what the next stage of your leadership career holds.

We think that self-awareness is the cornerstone of development; having a full understanding of who you are and what you stand for, allows you to separate yourself from the pack and understand your motivations.

Here we delve into two ways in which you can gain a greater level of self-awareness so you can guide your leadership career to the next stage.

Leadership Development Programs

If you have been in the leadership role for a while, you will probably have a feel for where your career should take you. Perhaps you could do with a boost to get there? Find a tailored leadership development program specializing in building leadership capability, mindset and behaviours that is designed to meet your personal needs.

Blended learning programs like our Athena Leadership Academy are a mix of online and hands-on learning, along with individual and group coaching. This allows you to absorb information in a number of different ways, and mixes practical skills with information sharing.

However, if you are new to leadership, you may need some help to define your next career step. The Clarity Pack offers the help you need.  It’s a 3-month coaching program, which is perfect for anyone, at any level of their career who is looking to make some decisions around ‘what’s next’ in your professional life.

Regardless of your leadership experience, the choice of next step in your career should spring out of your self-awareness. When you understand what motivates you and what strengths you have, your career path will begin to become clear. Until you spend time getting to know what drives you, any choice you make is just a guess.

Luckily, there are some exciting and highly accurate tools you can use to learn more about yourself as a person and as a leader. DiSC Profiling is one such tool.

DiSC Profiling

DiSC profiling has been around since the 1920s and can help you to understand your leadership style and how you can develop it to get ahead. It measures in four areas: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. It’s not so much about what style makes the best leader but how you can be the best leader that you can be.

DiSC profiling can help your leadership career in many ways. It can show you how to respond to conflict and solve problems. It can facilitate better teamwork and enable you to be a more self-knowledgeable and effective leader. Knowing how you behave in a given situation will help you understand your leadership capabilities all the more. Knowing your strengths and shortcomings is key in being able to push through any invisible barriers that stop you from being the best version of yourself. This knowledge will help you achieve your career aims as well as making sure that the goals of your team and your entire organisation are being met.

Where to Next in your Leadership Career? 

Knowledge is power and will enable you to define who you are and where you are headed. Consider it your next stepping stone to greatness.

We’d love to guide you as you define your career path. Schedule a no obligation, FREE consultation with Linda today and reach success sooner!

Athena Coaching, Linda Murray
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