Mastering Imposter Syndrome

Mastering Imposter Syndrome
October 15, 2019 Linda Murray
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Being a leader is undoubtedly tough – you have your team to manage as well as your own schedule and the direction of your organisation’s goals.

What makes leadership even tougher is those negative thoughts and doubts that enter our heads.
This is the complicated nature of imposter syndrome.
You know those self-limiting thoughts we all get at times?
“What if one day they will discover that I can’t do the job properly.”
“There are some days when I really know what I’m doing.”
“how am I meant to sell when I’m not actually that good at building relationships?”

These and other phrases are resulting thoughts of imposter syndrome and can lead to a lot of stress, negativity and even sleepless nights.

These thoughts and feelings of ‘not good enough’ are more common that you think and if you feel like this from time to time, then you are indeed in great company.

Even super stars that seem to be the most confident like Sheryl Sandberg, Tom Hanks, Seth Godin and Kate Winslet have all publicly admitted to moments where negative thoughts enter their mind.

Imposter syndrome is common with overachievers and will let you believe that while you feel unqualified in your role, everyone else around you knows exactly what they are doing.
Well guess what – they’re all having exactly the same thoughts you are. The key is knowing how to manage those thoughts.


Here’s How!

If you would like more information on overcoming imposter syndrome visit our resources section or please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly. 

Here’s to your success!

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