How to build high performing teams and create a culture of team work

How to build high performing teams and create a culture of team work
May 26, 2019 Linda Murray
In Athena Insights

This video is a BIG one, but one that is one of the most popular areas of advisory work that we do at Athena Leadership Academy.

Teams & teamwork.

Teams and their needs are as individual as the people in them. They are not just personalities and egos to navigate, which is challenging enough, but different styles, preferences and dynamics to consider.   

When it’s right, it’s magic.

When it’s not … it’s a challenge unlike any other. Kind of like “herding cats”.

And as you can imagine, as an executive coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of highly successful people with a myriad of team-related problems and challenges over the years.

In this video I break down into four, largely self-explanatory, but essential nuggets of insight about building and maintaining high performing teams.

Let’s talk specifically about practically what a good leader does and says to ensure that everyone brings their own individual A-Game in a way that makes them feel safe and that their contributions valued.

After all, “how do you build an amazing team?” is the million dollar question, right?

…so let’s dive in.

If you would like more information on developing a great culture visit our resources section or please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

Here’s to your success!

Teams and Teamwork 0.27
Leaders Encourage Others to Lead 1.57
Time Management 3.01
Accountability 4.22

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  1. Dana Morris 5 years ago

    The content of this video is spot on – thank you for sharing.

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