Managing Your Career

Managing Your Career
June 20, 2018 Linda Murray
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This month, we’ve been discussing career health and how to check it. This week, I want to look at what happens when your career is derailed in some way.

Can you honestly say you currently work in your “dream” job, or at least making progress towards your overall career goals?

It isn’t always easy to tell if you are in the right occupation or the best job for your background and abilities. Very generally speaking, you are likely in a good position if you find that your work is meaningful, your talents are respected and your contributions are recognised and appropriately rewarded.

Ideally, your current position offers you plenty of chances to learn new things, take on increasingly difficult challenges and practice the new skills that you are developing. When you have such a job, you can feel the forward momentum as you move towards the next level of leadership.

Everything changes

Not every job pays well or is fulfilling. Even if your work is rewarding and well compensated, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s helping you move forward.

In fact, having a great paying job can be one of the most dangerous things to happen to you because it so often leads to complacency. As you become increasingly comfortable in your current position, the temptation to maintain the status quo and stop pushing for better performance increases. Your skills become stale, your career stagnates, and your opportunities dwindle.

Even if you’re currently on your ideal career path, setbacks can happen which stall your plans, often through no fault of your own. No matter how well you prepare, you may need to change course altogether to keep moving forward.

For example, in recent years, many fields have experienced severe disruption caused by the advent of new technologies. Several traditional jobs which were quite common just two or three years ago are no longer relevant. Often the skills that accompanied these jobs become outdated as well.

Facing the change

Whether your interests have changed, or your skills have become obsolete, it doesn’t alter the fact that your career has stalled.

Setbacks occur frequently and often without warning. To survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world and workplace you must have a fallback plan to overcome these obstacles and achieve your optimum level of success.

To have healthy employment prospects over the long-term, you need opportunities to grow and advance. You need a Plan B.

Create your own plan B

Plan B (or sometimes C and D…) is the plan you follow when your current career stalls or you realise it’s not for you. Here are some tips for shifting to Plan B and creating a new career which flourishes.

  1. Don’t be afraid to admit you NEED to move to Plan B. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking in equal parts, but it’s an opportunity to change your destination. Open your mind to new ideas and options. See the possibilities and focus on them.
  2. Take steps to stay abreast of new trends in your industry. Read industry-specific publications and join trade associations and other social networks that are designed to support professionals in your field. Doing so will help you to stay well-informed of the potential impact these developments will have on your workplace and your career.
  3. Don’t rest on your laurels. Always be open to taking on new challenges that push you out of your comfort zone and that gives you opportunities to showcase your strengths to decision makers.
  4. Don’t wait for your skills to grow rusty and outdated. If you want to have a healthy career, then you must invest in yourself! Attend workshops and enrol in training and professional development courses that will help you to attain and sharpen the skills that you need. Make sure that you are always growing as a person and helping yourself to advance your career.

I want you to think seriously now about how your career growing and developing?

Do you have the skills that you need to cope and survive in the event of a setback?

Changing your mindset can be tough, especially if you’ve been in the one career for a long time. If you need help working through your situation and planning your way ahead (designing Plan B) contact us today and make an appointment. We can and will help you create a healthy, growing career that you relish.

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