Make Your Own Big Career Break

Make Your Own Big Career Break
September 13, 2016 Linda Murray

big career break,leadership, big break, Athena Coaching, Linda MurrayLet’s talk about finding your big career break, but first, let me ask you four questions to ponder.

  • Have you seemingly made all of the “right” choices, and put forth your best efforts, only to find yourself stuck and unable to advance to the next level?
  • When opportunities to develop open up, are you the first person that others look to, or do you find that you are often overlooked?
  • Have you achieved the level of success that you desire either in your personal life or your career?
  • Does it feel as though now is your time and you could do something great if only others will give you your big break?

Waiting for Someone Else to Give Us Our Big Career Break Holds Us Back

There are many misconceptions about what success means and how it can hold you back from making an impact. One of these false beliefs is the myth that you need a “big career break” to succeed. For many, catching the big break is the false thought that you need someone outside of yourself to give you a chance.

While it’s certainly true that most of us do have many people that help us overcome challenges it is also equally true that each of us makes our own “luck” and opportunities for success.

If we want to succeed, we have to create the conditions that support our success; we must prepare for and create our “tipping point”. If we don’t want to fall victim to becoming “stuck” in the middle, and run the very real risk of burnout, we have to make our own luck.

How to Tell When You are Ready to Create Your Own Big Career Break

Before you can create your big break and opportunities for growth and success, you have to know that you are ready for it. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when you are ready. Something happens, some sort of crisis which wakes you up from your daily routine and makes you question the value of your life and your career.

If you find that you no longer know your purpose or can identify your passions, it’s likely that you are fast approaching a crossroad in your journey. Once you reach it and are ready for your big break, you can no longer maintain the status quo. If you do, you will burn out or breakdown; something, anything, must change!

Sometimes it’s not that easy to see that you’ve reached a turning point. This often happens when things in your career and personal life aren’t exactly terrible, but, they aren’t exactly wonderful and exciting, either. You’ve stopped growing and you are just going through the motions of living, without feeling alive.

Realising that you are at the crossroads is about being honest with yourself and truly in touch with your personal sense of value and self-worth.

Don’t Break Down – Break Out!

While the threat of being broken, or burning out, is very real, there is some good news. You don’t have to fail! You are the one that is in charge of your life, your career and the level of success and happiness that you achieve!

Stop allowing the myth of the big break to hold you back from achieving the level of success that you want and deserve. Stop waiting for someone other than you to make a change – you have the power to change everything! It’s time for you to take action!

Programs at the Athena Leadership Academy are tailor-made to give you the coaching and direction that you need to become self-aware about the things you need to change. Programs include improving your communication skills and EQ, to learning more about your personal and authentic leadership style and how to refocus on your core values and play to your strengths to increase your performance and the performance of your team so that you can achieve more! If you are ready for your big break, get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you to change yourself as well as the world!

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