Leadership training for Graduates

Leadership training for Graduates
May 19, 2020 Linda Murray

Recently I was chatting with a colleague about the TAL Australia Graduate Development Program I’ve developed with them. It led to a general discussion about graduates and how companies manage them.

My colleague, a former HR manager, told me of her experience in a large organisation.

The company spent a fortune on a graduate recruitment campaign in an effort to bring in a higher level of expertise to their team. The campaign ran for months and soon they recruited over 100 shiny, new graduates. A great result for the recruitment drive.

What happened next was typical of what too many companies do. They took these motivated, excited and well-educated recruits who were keen to build a career and they dumped them behind a desk. That was it.

Of course, you know what happened next. The cream of the crop became bored and disillusioned and found new roles with competing companies. Despite the expensive recruitment campaign, the result was the loss of current talent and expertise and future leadership potential.

That’s why I have been very pleased to see an organisation like TAL Australia recognise the passion and skills graduates bring to a business.

TAL approached Athena Leadership Academy to develop a program which builds on the existing graduate skillset, to expand and develop careers and discover and prepare future leaders.

Graduates are immersed in different areas of the business and their practical experience is enhanced by formal training, mentoring and peer-to-peer support. This is the kind of leadership training program I described in my last post. (link) It’s experiential, relevant, timely and has a clear reward in terms of career path.

The bonus for TAL … The program was awarded Best Graduate Development Program in the 2019 Australian HR Awards!

When you have the talent already in your company, why not use it to benefit you both?

“There really is no limit to your career prospects through the TAL Graduate program. TAL has really invested in the program to equip you with the appropriate skills to become future leaders. There will be challenges and opportunities for each individual graduate. The accessibility of senior management is amazing.”
Ben Wu

When you recruit the kind of potential graduates bring, give them a reason to stay. Graduates are focused on learning and building a career path. They bring specialist knowledge ad new perspectives to your company. The long-term benefit is a ready supply of leaders who know and support your organisation’s values, and who can step up at a moment’s notice.

If your company is interested in offering graduate training and grooming your talented recruits for future leadership, contact me here and let’s make it happen.

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