Leaders, Self-awareness is the key

Leaders, Self-awareness is the key
June 16, 2017 Linda Murray

Self-awareness is a critical leadership skill.

Recently we looked at the importance of 360-degree feedback and how it reveals the way you are perceived in the workplace.

It raised an issue with some readers, asking how they can get to know themselves well enough to establish a solid and accurate personal brand.

That’s a great question, because knowing yourself is the crux of personal branding and of great leadership.

The benefits of self-awareness

Research shows that the most successful leaders and companies are self-aware. They have learned how to spot opportunities that will help them grow in their careers and to operate in their most comfortable behavioural style.

Tony Robbins says, “If there is a rare quality in life, it’s self-awareness. Self-awareness of the difference between you and your patterns and the impact of your patterns on those around you.”

When you know yourself, you take control of your behaviours. It allows you to capitalise on your strengths and minimise or compensate for your weaknesses. You will find that you become clear on your motivations because you know what drives you. The ability to control how you react to different situations or topics becomes easy and you can establish solid relationships with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Your ability to relate to others can become instantly improved, not only because you can manage your own responses, but because you have an insight into theirs.

Of course, there are many more benefits gained by knowing yourself, but the real questions are;

  • How can do you that?
  • How can you develop a sound understanding of who you are?

This is where personality profiling tools are very useful.

DISC personality test

If you head on over to the Athena Insights Resources page and take a look at the profiling tools we have made available to you, you will see the DISC Profiling Tool survey. With this free 15-minute assessment, you will be able to measure your personality across four dimensions.

D for Decisive

I for Interactive

S for Stabilising

C for Cautious

Using the DISC tool

While the DISC profiling tool will give you a big insight into the way you operate, it will also help you when you are interacting with other people.

When you understand your own preferences across the four quadrants, it will help you understand others and shape your communications for best results.

Take the test now and see where you sit.

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