Lead Your Team To Peak Performance in 2017

Lead Your Team To Peak Performance in 2017
January 24, 2017 Linda Murray
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We all talk about the new year being our year. The year things will change. The year we finally make our mark. The year our business will succeed – and on and on it goes. But instead of talking about it – why not do it? Why not make 2017 your year to lead your team to peak performance?

Part of the job of being a leader is to inspire others. You set the standard of excellence that others will follow.

The great news is that your personal style of leadership has the ability and potential to create a successful team. You can build positive relationships and experiences on all levels. But how do you do that? Where exactly do you start?

Align people with their passions

Everyone has a passion and sometimes that passion does not align with a team member’s current job role.

You have the power to change that. It could mean taking a risk and putting a less qualified person into a post. Or it could mean offering the position of project leader to someone who has a strong desire to learn and grow.

Consequently, understanding what individual members of your team are passionate about will help your team develop in unexpected ways and maintain peak performance.

Show that you trust your team

Trust needs to be earned. However, if you show your team that you trust them implicitly when it comes to creative solutions and problem-solving, then likely, the trust will be mirrored in your direction when it is most needed.

As a leader, you want to ensure that you have a team environment that encourages out the box thinking, resourcefulness and achievement. Once your team acknowledges your support, the results can be overwhelming.

Set goals and focus on results

Often companies are concerned with their employee’s ability to be at their desk at 8 am sharp, never leaving before 5 pm on any given day. What if you let your team members know that as long as they achieved their goals and worked their minimum of 40 hours week, they could enjoy a bit of flexibility in their day? Trust us – you will see specific changes in the way things occur. The results that come from offering your team defined goals and flexible work hours are inspiring, to say the least.

While these three ideas offer up an excellent starting point, you can do more!

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