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** What do you make of Warren Buffett’s 10 tips…


We share similar philosophies. Unfortunately not similar bank accounts!

They are simple, common sense and easy to implement, every day choices


** which one stands out for you…

Hard Q to answer … so much gold in that list of 10.

  1. You are not your job.


** Why do you think this resonates…

As an Executive Coach, I see too many people base 100% of their value on what they do.

I believe we are actually the sum of our strengths, our beliefs and our mindset.

And although you can apply these in all areas of your life, Your job is just 1 aspect of you.


I think we need to detach from our job title altogether. Instead design our role around those strengths and skills and qualities that are you at your best.


** How practical do you think these 10 tips are…

Very … but now it’s up to individuals as to what they do with them – unfortunately the tips won’t magically apply themselves! We’re all busy, right. So people see a list like this and think “I don’t have time to do all of that!” Of course, you don’t – but you do have time to invest in a couple of them.

To benefit from these, you need to commit to action.

I’d suggest choosing 2 or 3 tips to focus on for the next month or longer, until it becomes a habit and therefore a new way of being.

Pick the ones which are small wins and will give you quickest bang for your buck first.


** What are the key things you try to pass on to young people trying to get ahead in the world…

  1. Take responsibility for your future, no one else is

Detach from your job title.

Work out what your strengths are, your brand, and why people you like connecting with you.

Then plan where you’re going and how you spend your time around that.

Created an online program which does exactly that because I was amazed at how many people simply don’t plan, or align their plans with them at their best. Check out for that

To Warrens Point 9, this will also help you know when to leave.

  1. ‘It’s who you know, not what you know’ – which talks to Warren Buffets points 3, 5, 6 and 7 about buildia ng network, finding mentors, remaining teachable and connecting with friends.

WHAT you know will keep you in a role, and that’s important. WHO you know will help you grow faster, keep your thinking expanding and know about opportunities others never find out about.  Trying to know everything and do it on your own, is a really slow way to get ahead.


Build resilience – situations change, things go wrong, nothing stays the same. Although I’m an eternal optimist, I’d say expect change and learn how to be flexible and resilient in the face of change.

Challenge yourself by trying something new and a little bit scary every day. I set that intent at the start of each day. “What’s something new, exciting and different I’m going to attempt today?”


** Why are these the things you focus on?

Know where you’re going, who’s going to hekp you get there, and how to weather the inevitable storms along the way.


** Are some of these natural lessons…. Or do you really need to be told these things sometimes…

I’d say both.

A lot of the time, instinct and common sense remind us what we should be doing.

AND sometimes we can’t see our own blind spots or what’s holding us back. This is where mentors in life and business are essential – sounding board, ways of thinking differently, providing feedback


** How do we need to reflect on these as our life changes…

Keep it simple. Could use:

Warren Buffets idea: Advice for the all the young people or your younger self – and then take it


If I could change 1 thing this week to make my life/business/relationship even better, what would it be.