How to train millennials

How to train millennials
May 4, 2020 Linda Murray

Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019) is considered a millennial and by 2025 it’s anticipated they’ll make up to 75% of the Australian workforce. Right now, they are forming part of your team.

People of this generation are easily able to develop the knowledge and practical skills they need to fulfil any role. They don’t need a “teacher” leading them step-by-step through a course.

They are comfortable using an online training system to gain technical skills and knowledge. Online learning is not new to them and it’s an effective way to deliver information in chunks right when they need it. It’s relevant, timely and put into practice right away.

But there’s one thing that’s millennials have made quite clear. They have a strong sense of their own individuality and they seek a degree of tailoring about their professional and career development. They want training to be personal. I’d say this is a universal need, but we had to wait for the millennials to make this crystal clear.

The best training isn’t just formal. It’s learnt through experience and by observation.

Simon Sinek made a powerful point in one of his Ted Talks when he said
“(A) Leaders … real job is not being in charge but taking care of those in our charge.”

As leaders, we’re not there to do the job. That’s why we have a team. We’re there to make sure the team can do the job, which means looking after them; giving them the tools, training and support they need.

Today that means finding new leaders and helping them step up. It means spending “quality time” with each person on your team so you understand their hopes and dreams, their struggles and their ambitions along with their future career plans. Sinek calls it gaining empathy and perspective. Only then can you hope to give them what they need.

It’s not always training people need. It’s coaching, mentoring, new opportunities to test their skills. It’s helping your people to define themselves and their future, then helping them achieve it.

This is what modern training looks like, alongside the technical training, of course. It poses a new set of demand on leaders for which we’re not all ready. If you’re not confident in your company’s ability to help the next generation of leaders plan their future, we can help.

Career Clarity is an online program which can be used at any stage of your career where you need to make some choices and plans for ‘what’s next’ in your professional life. We know you’re committed to making a difference to your career and to the care of your team, so this program is will help you do that.

This is what people can expect after completing the Career Clarity program.

  • Have your career designed so you can;
  • Feel confident in the next step/s to take
  • Increase the possibility of your earning power
  • Stop feeling unsure of your future
  • Have an in-depth understanding of what makes you happy
  • Take action and reach your own success

If this appeals to you, imagine how much it will appeal to your millennial team members.

How do you train millennials? Treat them as the individuals they are.

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