How Technology Improves Your Business Performance

How Technology Improves Your Business Performance
August 18, 2015 Linda Murray

Linda Murray, Athena CoachingAs a leader you rely on a number of things to help maximise your productivity and success. One of the things which enhances your business performance dramatically is technology – whatever would you do without it!

Cost Effective Marketing

Thanks to technology, small businesses finally have the ability to compete with much larger organisations when it comes to marketing. Technology has evened out the playing field enabling sleeker online websites, clever email marketing campaigns and much more. Gone are the expensive haphazard marketing approaches; today’s technology gives you low cost and effective tools within your reach and budget.

Enhanced Communication

You may remember Michael Douglas using the brick-like cellphone in Wall Street back in the 80s and wondering when you would get your own. Now almost everyone from the age of 13 and up has some kind of mobile phone – in today’s world it is a business necessity. Whether you are using them to connect with your colleagues, clients or customers, having that portable mode of communication by your side saves everyone a lot of time. In fact, forget the phone aspect of our Smartphones; it’s all the other functions which are also essential for doing daily business – email, LinkedIn, maps, Apps, podcasts …

Improved Customer Service

Thanks to technology, you know more about your customers than we ever have before. A quick survey or question posed on Facebook can tell you a lot about who your target audience is. Add to this your ability to connect with your customers in an instant, is it any wonder that customers have come to expect the best from local and national based businesses? It helps that you can keep in touch via email, through social media networks, company online chat systems or telephone enabling quick fixes and fast response.

Increased Productivity

Long gone are memos, replaced by the instantaneous method of emails saving time and enabling the work to be done much more effectively. Technology naturally enhances your productivity. You have the ability to type an email and send it so it is received within the hour. Choosing the correct technology for the job may be a task in itself but once all the systems are set up, your productivity should increase in no time at all.

Effective Meetings

Meetings can be held anywhere in the world thanks to web conferencing. While teleconferencing is still in use, online systems are improving rapidly so companies can connect on face to face meetings at their desk. Small businesses have the ability to connect with their international customers without having to resort to expensive international flights.

Rebuilding Organisations

With the advent of better technology, working from home or on the road is now becoming more of an option. Organisations have the ability to be more flexible with their staff and saving money on things like additional and unnecessary offices. It is a win-win for companies and workers alike and can often save hours of commute for your employees.

Maximised Performance

Better technology means that you can not only enable your workers to be more effective but you also have the ability to understand how well your company and your employees are performing. With enhanced business analysis and report capabilities, you can see what is happening at a glance. Congratulating them on a job well done every now and again will give them the appreciation they deserve and the motivation you need for them to continue working as hard as they possibly can.

Technology of all shapes and sizes has not only strengthened communication within the organisation but with the customers or clients as well. As it continues to change and grow it is important for companies to continue to source new methods to improve their effectiveness and reward their teams. Keeping up with the Joneses has never been more important.

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