Goals vs. Intent

Learning how to set realistic goals, and defining the steps that we need to achieve them, can be a valuable skill. Setting goals, and reaching, or even surpassing them, allows us to create, by design, the lifestyle and career that we want for ourselves. It provides a way to have greater control over the amount of success that we experience in all areas of our life.

When we set goals without first thinking about our intentions, however, it can have the opposite effect. We can set ourselves up to fail when we don’t think about what motivates us, and drives us, before we set a goal.

What is Intent?

Some people mistakenly believe that our intentions are our goals, but this is incorrect. Our goals may be what we want to do, but our intentions are why we do the things that we do. Intention is the passion that drives us and fuels us to act.

Many of our most personal attributes help give shape and definition to our intentions. It springs from our values, beliefs, and our personal ethics and standards. When we fully understand our intent, we are that much closer to understanding our purpose for being alive.

The Importance of Aligning Goals with Intentions

It is almost always impossible for us to achieve a goal on our own when we don’t believe in it from within the core of our being. That’s why New Year resolutions won’t work; you are excited by the idea of your goal but haven’t thought about how important it is to you. Most of the ‘goals’ we set aren’t really important, so we’re not committed to them.

Aligning our goals with our intentions is very powerful. When we take the time to define our intentions, and align our goals with our beliefs, we bring instant clarity to the challenge we have set ourselves. It’s then much easier to see and fulfill the roles that we will need to perform to overcome this challenge. Reaching your goals takes work, and without real intent behind them, you’ll run out of enthusiasm very quickly.

Do You Know What Motivates You? Have You Found Your Passion?

Many of us have a hard time understanding our true intentions simply because we’ve never taken the time to sit down and consider what we genuinely believe in. We are so busy rushing from one deadline in our lives to the next that we’ve given little thought to what we value, and truly want.

If you’ve had some difficulty meeting your challenges, find it hard to set and reach goals, or simply feel drained and exhausted by your work and life in general, these are good signs that you don’t understand your intentions, or how to use them to create and reach your goals.

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