Four Tips for Winning the Promotion You Deserve

Why is it that some people seem to get every promotion they apply for while others are overlooked? Do you feel like you are always one of the people overlooked all the time?

You already know you can’t afford to wait for a promotion to be handed to you, so to climb the corporate ladder, you need to be proactive. What exactly does proactive mean in this context? Well, I have four tips for you which will lead you closer to winning the promotion you deserve.

Here we go.

Get career clarity.

The first thing to do is stop thinking of promotion as your next career step. While it might pay more, is it leading you where you really want to go? Before you do anything, create a career map. Now, I realise this is probably not something you’ve considered before. But think about it. The chances are, like many other working executives, you’re overwhelmed with demands on you and your time. How easy is it to make a good decision when you’re feeling like that? Honestly, sometimes we go for promotion just to escape the situation were in, don’t we? No great career was ever built that way.

Work out who you are, what you’re good at and where you want to go. Then work backwards to map out a line of progress. I’ve worked through this in this post so be sure to take a look at it before you start mapping.

Be noticed.

Do you have a presence that shows your potential?

If you want to be regarded as a serious candidate for a position, particularly in the higher ranks, you need to present yourself at that level. Look the part. Act the part. Now, I’m not talking about changing your personality or being something you’re not. If you’re a reserved person, that’s who you are. But if you know you’re capable of successfully operating at a higher level, you need to start showing that right now. Show your decisiveness, your calmness under fire, your willingness to step up and take calculated risks, your ability to lead and support others. This is the best way to prove your readiness and believe me; it will do wonders for your confidence.

Build relationships.

Your work relationships can advance or hinder your career progress, so work on them. Talk to people and let them get to know you. Offer your support when it’s needed. If you have a problem with someone or with a process, talk to the person involved first. Be honest and up front. You’re aiming for trust and respect in your relationships, and you need to give it before you get it. Remember, if you can’t work well with others, you’re missing the key to those promotion opportunities.  If you need some help here, download my free ebook on Networking Your Way to the Top. It will be very useful.

Become the solution to a problem. 

Lots of people suffer from lack of confidence when it comes to self-promotion and it holds us back when we go for a promotion. This is something I’ve worked on with many of my clients. It’s a mindset we’ve grown up with – don’t show off. It’s a huge struggle to overcome this so what I suggest is to change the way you approach the application and interview process.

Think about it.

The company is filling the position because they need someone for a specific purpose. They have a problem when the role is vacant. Now, if you do your research properly, you’ll know what the problem is. You’ll know what isn’t being done. You’ll know what’s being held up.  And you’ll know what plans the company has which won’t work without someone in this position.

So, instead of saying how great you are, start talking in terms of how you are the person to solve the problem. Explain how your attitudes and skills will make things happen. It’s a lot more comfortable to present your exceptional talents this way than it is to simply talk about them.

Look, you know you can do the job and you know you deserve the promotion. Your company needs you in the role, so don’t hold yourself back. You are doing the right thing by both of you when you land the promotion. Go for it!

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