Five ways to boost your personal leadership brand

Five ways to boost your personal leadership brand
August 1, 2022 Linda Murray

Building your personal leadership brand will position you for greater success, boosting your reputation and showcasing your unique talents. When you know your branding and how you want to be seen as a leader, it’s up to you to make it happen. By actively boosting your personal leadership brand, you retain control over it.

Here are five ways you can boost your personal leadership brand and be seen as the leader that matters.

  1. Be consistent.

Your brand is based on your demonstrated values, not just those you talk about. People will respond and react according to your actions. Your colleagues need to know what they can expect from you. Consistency builds trust and proves your reliability. When I talk about consistency, I am referring to your messaging as well as the way you present yourself.

If you’re looking to have a specific impact on others ( to influence their actions or make them see you as the kind of leader you intend to be known as), you can’t afford to be inconsistent. That will only muddy your brand and confuse people.

  1. Be communicative.

You have a message to share so your communication skills will be put to the test.

How do you get the message across clearly?

By paying attention to what other people are saying to you. If you actively listen to what is being said, you will discover what’s important to them. When you understand their point of view, it is much easier to craft your message to suit them and establish a real connection.

Good communication is also about getting the right message to the right people on time. If you have something to contribute or share, don’t wait to be asked. The time might pass you by.

  1. Be confident.

You know what you’re good at so don’t hide your talents. There’s no room for false modesty in your personal leadership brand. Showcase your strengths.

There’s a big difference between boasting and stepping up when you can solve a problem or supply the missing skills. And be confident enough to seek opportunities for development, too. Invest in your personal and professional growth and support your leadership branding.

  1. Be strategic.

Consider your choices before you take on a project or a new role. Will this contribute to your leadership brand in a positive way, or will you be side-tracked?

Choose your network wisely and associate yourself with people who hold similar values. Look for networking opportunities that will allow you to share your talents to help others and build trusted relationships with leaders who can help you achieve your goals.

  1. Be future-focused.

Part of your personal leadership brand is your vision of the future. It’s your vision that inspires people to follow you and acting in alignment with your branding will keep them there. Everything changes, but to be successful as a leader, you need to keep focused on your goal. Be ready to answer the questions, “Where are we going?”  and “Why are we going there?” Your future focus not only motivates and engages your team but also makes you check the alignment between personal leadership brand and company direction.

A strong personal leadership brand shapes how people see you before they even meet you. It speaks volumes. The most powerful thing you can do to enhance your leadership career is to take active control of how you’re seen.

I’ve offered five ways you can boost your personal leadership brand but there are many other strategies, too. If you’d like to dig deeper into personal leadership branding and how to create and sustain it, let’s talk. In the meantime, why not reflect on the branding you are presenting to the world right now.

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