3 Tips for Recognising Emerging Female Leaders

3 Tips for Recognising Emerging Female Leaders
May 3, 2016 Linda Murray

emerging female leaders, Athena Coaching, Linda MurrayLooking at your current team, you may note one or two emerging female leaders rising in the ranks. These are the leaders and the future managers in the making. But how can you recognise the individuals who possess the characteristics and attributes to succeed at a senior level? How do you ascertain which ones will be amenable to future training to broaden their career options?

Here are our three top tips to recognise emerging female leaders. Although this blog focusses on emerging female leaders, similar rules apply for male leaders too.

Keep an eye on the Extroverts

For the most part, emerging leaders are generally extroverts although studies have shown that female emerging leaders are not as vocal as their male counterparts. They are known for their strong communication abilities and persuasion techniques. They can motivate others with ease. They may also be the ones who initiate new ideas and have a slightly risk-taking edge to their personality. This is a helpful skill to formulate particularly when businesses undergo change and remodelling. However don’t be surprised if many emerging leaders show resistance to change opting for more proven methods of success.

Focus on the High Achievers

Emerging female leaders tend to be talented high-achievers going above and beyond what is necessary to fulfil their role. They have a warm approach to their team members, and their work is always of a consistently high quality. You will probably find, if you look hard enough, they have a proven track record of getting results. They are personally driven and comfortable with abstract thought processes. Emerging female leaders want to be successful and see others succeed alongside their own efforts. They are business savvy and have a good understanding of their industry, keeping up with new trends at all times.

Track the Team Players

Sometimes it can be overlooked, but a great leader must be able to work effectively with, and alongside, their team. While they don’t necessarily need to be liked, they often are. They are also respected by their peers and superiors and can seek input from others when necessary. Allowing them to mentor junior level employees will help build their leadership skills for the future. Giving them the opportunity to lead will allow them to shine. The wellbeing of their peers is always high on their priority list.

Emerging leaders will benefit from a senior mentor, and these sessions should take place via regular meetings to target specific skills necessary to tackle future leadership jobs. Emerging female leaders need challenging assignments to help develop their talents and exposure to new opportunities. Training is very much a part of their development plan, and they will need to be educated on critical skills, presentation, conflict resolution and more, depending on their background.

If your business is not focused on the emerging female leaders, then it is time to make a change. Keeping critical female employees in-house is important, particularly when so many organisations still retain a high percentage of male leaders. A proactive focus should always be maintained, and a talent management strategy firmly put in place. Once a female emerging leader understands the potential within, you can sit back and watch them blossom into the role before your very eyes.

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