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Working sustainably and at your peak is not the only strategy you need to build and accelerate your career success.

There’s more to just working hard to get you to your goals.

You need to develop an executive presence…

You need to become memorable…

You need to understand how to achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs…

These are the elements that make you stand out in your career.

Are you ready to stand out?

Through one-on-one executive coaching, I can help you define your purpose, discover what you can bring to the table (and you may be surprised at what we find!) and build a whole range of skills to support your career.

It doesn’t matter where you are because coaching is available in person or virtually.

Ready to discover your potential and head straight for your goals?

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Online Coaching Program

Career Clarity Coaching Program

Online access to the tools and strategies you need to make a decision and create your dream career by design.

Getting Started

In this session, we look at how to get the most out of the program and get clear on what it is that you want to achieve.

Session One: Understanding Yourself

In this 3 part session, we look at your personality profile and your top 5 strengths and take a deeper look into what this means for you.

Session Two: What’s Important To You

In this 2 part session, we look at the things you value most and map out what it is you want from your career.

Session Three: Designing What’s Next

In this 2 part session, we look at your career history and what it is you want from your job.

Session Four: Career By Design

Now that we have everything you need, in this module, it’s time to design your next step and make a decision in your career.

What Next?

In this last session we look what you need to do to maximise this program, stay accountable to ensure you live the dream and achieve your success.

If you want to feel inspired and motivated about your career or if you have a decision to make then partner with Athena Leadership Academy in making your next career move the one where you will achieve everything you want!

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