Since 2008 Linda Murray has been working with some of Australia’s biggest and brightest organisations transforming teams and individuals with her award winning coaching approach.

What clients say …

  • “I met Linda at a networking event several years ago and had remembered her as a very friendly, approachable and warm person who knew her stuff. When suggesting to a client late last year that they should engage her, I remembered how good she was and ended up picking up the phone myself to book her.
    Linda worked with me as my Business Coach during a time that I needed help with focusing and growing my business. The time I spent with her was invaluable and not only helped me in focussing and building my business but also equipped me with tools to get through extremely busy and stressful periods. While each session challenged me (and that was exactly what I needed), I loved every minute of them as I could feel myself grow as a person and business owner. Linda was an absolute pleasure to work with and when she stepped into the office she was like a ray of sunshine! I looked forward to each session knowing that I would come away with not only lots of learnings but also a to-do list to spring me into action. I have recommended Linda to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.”

    G. StaychesFounder & Managing Director, Fetching Events & Communications
  • “I met Linda socially a few years ago and was totally taken by her outgoing personality, confidence, warmth and clear direction in life. I signed up for the Athena Coaching newsletters and enjoyed her inspirational tips that always came from a very authentic place, never an “over sell” for products and services.

    Last year, I came to a critical time in my working life where I needed some new inspiration and motivation to get me to specific goals. I decided to give Linda a call and I took the coaching plunge with her Clarity Pack program.

    Linda’s sessions were very transformational for me. We already had a great rapport, however I was very surprised at how quickly I got myself back on track in my business and started thinking differently about what my future looks like. My results are highly measureable and I am still tracking better than I did 12 months ago and actually achieving targets that I thought were well out of my reach. I have also started an exciting new study programme to up-skill and arm myself with new skills that align with my core values and strengths.

    Thank you Linda for helping me set my new path!”

    R.VassalloBusiness Development Manager, Technology Institute Victoria Pty Ltd
  • “Linda has facilitated the growth of my business brain ! She brings me back to the ‘economy’ of running my business continually which has allowed me to confront fantasy and romantic ideas that have run riot in my business practises.

    The most important element though, working with Linda as opposed to other business coaches is her unique brand and source of energy. She is an Alchemist! When her energy joined with mine something changed in me, which filtered into my business practises. She inspires me to be inspirational to myself as well as the audience I serve and allowed me to discover this seed of wisdom through her presence. She has opened a much bigger window from which to view the growth and sustainability of my business and personal life.

    I am now implementing a good practical marketing plan, I am thinking ahead and putting some well grounded strategies in place. My initial hesitation was investment and financial return …..I hadn’t understood, that creatively focusing on what already works brings the greatest return…having another pair of experienced unbiased eyes into my business who can see the reality has brought good returns. I have increased my income, achieving short term goals and see real potential for this continuing into an increase in annual income balanced with time to enjoy personal/recreational goals. Linda has energetic charm coupled with her genuine interest and understanding of business and breaking it down into workable pieces.

    I would recommend Athena Coaching to other professional women needing to get real, energised and refocused on what their skills are & are not, and how to make this work for them.”

    D. ThompsonFounder, You Me We Counselling
  • “Hi Linda,
    I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your coaching and guidance this year. You helped me get through a very challenging time in my career and some huge obstacles.
    Your insight, approach, and advice has helped me rise above the rest.
    You are a wonderful person Linda”

    R. MurrayDirector Business Development, Williams Lea