Since 2008 Linda Murray has been working with some of Australia’s biggest and brightest organisations transforming teams and individuals with her award winning coaching approach.

What clients say …

  • Linda helped me gain deeper insights into my own strengths and value system to help me accelerate and be the best I can be whilst at the same time helped me to be more purposeful in my engagement with people by understanding them better too.

    Marina GTreasury NSW
  • Linda Thank you, thank you, thank you, times a million. I feel invigorated and alive again, with a refreshed sense of ambition and drive to get this right!

    A BakerDirector, JLL
  • Hi Linda,
    Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday.
    I am a sceptic of such courses and did my very best (I don’t work on a Wednesday) to get out of doing the CPP.   I have three kids.  So after rearranging my schedule and child-minding arrangements just to be there I confess that I wasn’t very excited.  But, yesterday morning before I arrived, I took a deep breath and told myself to be open to the idea of learning new things and meeting new people.  And did that happen.  You were so engaging and honest and the day seemed to fly by.  You covered so many things I’ve been thinking about this year particularly around the narrative I tell myself and how it is actually inhibiting me from being my best.  Lately I’ve been trying to channel abundance and a no restraints approach to every facet of my life and it was very neat to see that reflected back yesterday afternoon.  So many thanks for your time, efforts and passion! Afterwards I felt very grateful to have been a part of yesterday and I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the modules.
  • Hi Linda,
    Great session on Wednesday. The structure is effective: takes you on a journey from awareness, understanding the need, understanding the drivers, explaining constructs to help maintain and raise that awareness of what can go wrong and take us off track, understanding approaches that will make improvements, and importantly, leaving you with some simple tools that with a bit of practice, we won’t have to think about! (and hence might actually use!) And your presentation is no less terrific: positive, balanced energy, articulate, clear, engaging.
    Thank You

    C. ZabelHead of Portfolio Optimisation, NAB