Are You Ready to Adapt to Change?

Are You Ready to Adapt to Change?
January 10, 2017 Linda Murray

Embracing change can be difficult; however, being an adaptive leader is imperative in today’s business world. It’s a catch-22 of sorts.

Being able to adapt to change is a much sought after skill in the leadership arena and means edging out of those comfort zones you have created for yourself. It can be scary, but with practice, it does get easier.

So what does being adaptable look like to a modern leader?

It means solving problems creatively, effectively handling changing work situations, displaying cultural adaptability, confidently managing crisis situations, dealing with work stress, embracing new tasks and technology…and much, much more.

But where do you start? Letting yourself be open to change means embracing new ways and ideas. Think of it as a journey rather than just a case of making grand decisions that alter the course of your organisation overnight. Allow small changes to occur to uncover new, smarter ways of thinking and doing business.

Leading from a Change Management Perspective

While many leaders are hired for their management or technological experience, their ability to adapt is often overlooked. As a leader confident in embracing change, you must practice some of these behaviours on a regular basis.


All leaders operate from their own behavioural scripts developed over time. Being agile in thinking means moving away from these well-rehearsed scripts and challenging past assumptions. Look at the current situation in a new light and develop behaviours to fit the appropriate context.


Every scenario requires a different response or action, despite the similarities. It is up to you, as the leader, to use your adaptability and make changes based on the skills and weaknesses of the employees, customer requirements, the time of year, the state of the industry, and the personality of those involved.


Changing situations require focus. Therefore, focus on removing the outer chaos and hone in on the important matters. As a leader, it is up to you to be able to pay attention to the whole situation and not get lost in the day to day minor matters which can distract you from important decision making.

Innovative Thinking

Even if you are not known for innovative thinking, you can open up your mind to ideas and opinions offered by those on your team who possess that particular skill. Don’t dismiss new thought processes at the outset until you have weighed up the necessary pros and cons that come with it.


If your ideas are clear and actionable, then you can pass them down to every employee acting under your guidance. Good communication is imperative to ensure that everyone understands the part they have to play in the organisation and how they can effect the team’s goals.

2017 could be your year for change! Are you ready to start developing your change management techniques and embrace your potential?

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