Building your courage

Building your courage
July 12, 2017 Linda Murray

This video is particularly relevant to me now because, to be honest, recording videos has been on the cards for me for quite some time. Every time my team approached me to do this I would always find a perfectly valid reason to get away from filming them.

You see, everyone has fears and times where confidence waivers.

When this happens, it is important that first, you acknowledge that these are a normal part of being human. When fear sets in it is imperative to recognise it for what it is … you’re scared about something! Only then can progress forward with definite strategies and perspectives in place.

We are all unique, so you will have very individual behaviours that show up when you lack confidence or are afraid to take the next step.  When you recognise what fear looks and feels like for you, it makes it a whole lot easier to find solutions to overcome fear.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can overcome fear and build courage.

Overcoming Fear and lack of confidence 1.29
When things don't go your way 5.40
Overcoming imposter syndrome 6.08