What can your organisation do to boost your career?

Are you starting to feel that you’re capable of more? Are your ready to advance in your career? Before you start looking for opportunities in other organisations, consider what your present employer could offer to boost your career.

Replacing team members is a costly and laborious process for organisations. However, with more than a third of workers searching for a job and 78% open to new opportunities, it’s something workplaces are having to face. Fortunately, particularly since the pandemic, organisations have begun to truly understand the value of their people beyond the financial.

Hanging on to engaged and enthusiastic employees is now a key focus for organisations. There’s one factor which makes a big difference to employee retention: 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow.

Now is an ideal time to ask for opportunities to advance your career but you will need to present a good business case to support your request.

Do the groundwork.

Whether you plan on talking with your leader or with HR, there’s a certain amount of preparation you’ll need to do. At senior leadership levels, this is even more critical because you’ll be expected to present a clear ROI.

Here’s the most logical process for preparing for the conversation.

  1. Get clear on your career plan. Know where you want to go and be confident that you can communicate this to your leader or HR specialist.
  2. Assess your current skills against the skills you’ll need at the next level. Find the gaps and find your strengths.
  3. Identify your unique value. What is it that sets you apart from your peers? How can you use this to advance yourself and your team?
  4. Pay attention to the direction the environment the organisation is operating within. What challenges is it facing? What opportunities lie ahead? Is it leading in a direction you’re happy to support?
  5. What suggestions can you make for strategies to boost your career? It always helps to show you’re aware of internal programs.

Options for career advancement.

  • Formal learning programs
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • Job rotation
  • Job redesign
  • Secondments (short term placements)
  • Formal study
  • Online learning
  • Stretch Projects

These are just a few of the ideas you could consider and present. Some of these channels might not yet exist in your company but don’t be limited by that. HR is always looking for effective ways to improve the performance and job satisfaction of employees.

Now, it won’t be cost-effective for HR to design training just for you, so look for external programs with proven results which meet your needs. They are an affordable option. A program like Athena Leadership Academy is tailored in conjunction with your HR and leadership team to deliver solutions which meet the specific developmental needs of your people.

Consider the ROI.

It might make sense to invest in your development, but don’t assume it’s a done deal. You will need to demonstrate the benefits. Explain how you can better serve the company and contribute to meeting its organisational objectives. Are you willing to commit to remaining with the organisation for a specific period? Is there a positive flow on from the investment in you?

Don’t expect a ‘yes’ straight away.

It’s possible you’re looking too far ahead, and your current performance might have areas of weakness which you need to work on before you take the next step. Ask the question, “Can you suggest how I can improve my current performance?” and act on the answer. It’s a tough question to ask but the way you handle it will show how driven you are to improve.

Document the plan.

Write down what you’ve discussed and agreed upon. Include specific actions you, your leader or your HR specialist have agreed to take. Record the key dates which are the milestones of your plan, including a review date so you can track your progress. Give a copy to the other party. This is quite a formal process, but it drives action.

The award-winning Athena Leadership Academy Programs adopt a blended learning approach which integrate learning with performance to deliver solid business results. Find out more about the program and how it will help your career advancement.

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