Aligning Strengths and Core Values

Aligning Strengths and Core Values
December 6, 2016 Linda Murray

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As a leader, it is imperative that your strengths and core values align to ensure you not only lead effectively, but lead in a way that allows you to utilise your core values and offer fulfilment.

When it comes to values they are often confused with morals but they are in fact very different. Morals are values by which you operate within society, almost like personal laws that are also accepted as standard within the community.

Working out what your strengths are is easy and second nature to most. If you know what you are good at and know the tasks that you need to delegate or outsource, you will generally have a good view of what your strengths are as a leader. However, it is a little more involved to learn what your core values are.

What are core values?

Your core values are the things that are important to you on a personal level.

These values are what make you a great leader. They are the things you need in your life to function at your best. They are the things you believe deep down makes you who you are as an individual and as a leader.

Your core values are what you draw upon every day as you go about your life. These are the things that draw others to you and enable you to lead from a place that creates change.

When your strengths and values are identified and you utilise them in alignment with each other, you become the leader that can not only motivate, but inspire and create change within an organisation.

How do you identify your core values?

Identifying your core values can be done using these three steps. I’ve placed a field under each question for you to take the time now to fill in. Once you complete the three steps click on the submit button to email it to yourself. (don’t worry you will only get the one email from me and I promise not to SPAM you!)

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If you are not sure how to work out your core values and strengths or feel there is a disconnect between the two, then it might be time to work with a leadership coach or mentor to help you create a clear picture for you to identify with.

Alternatively, try the Athena Coaching FREE online coaching program to Set Yourself Up For Success, which takes a look at some of these areas to help you live a life you love!

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