How To Accelerate Your Success

How To Accelerate Your Success
December 9, 2014 Linda Murray

Linda Murray, Athena CoachingIt’s extremely easy to get stuck in a rut with your career; blink and before you know it you have been working in a job for a number of years without promotional success. In order to accelerate your success you need to be open to change and enable yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

One way to achieve this is by external support and mentoring through coaching. Coaching opens up a world of possibilities.

A Sounding Board

We all need a sounding board from time to time; you might find you have a bunch of ideas running around your head however if you don’t get them out in the open you will never know which ones will work and which ones won’t. A coach will help you analyse the possible outcomes from each idea and assist you in determining which ones may suit your particular organisation or situation.


If you just keep on going as you have been doing then how do you know you are successful in your everyday dealings? You need to set specific and measurable goals and be answerable for your actions. This accountability provided by a coach will help you stay focussed and ensure you are on the right track.

Reignite Your Passion

If you have been working in the same role for a lengthy period of time, sometimes the drive and passion can subside particularly if you haven’t been working on anything challenging or worthwhile. An external coach will help you find your passion, whether by creating new circumstances or just by offering a new perspective; this will enable you to unlock your potential for growth and success.

Listen To Others

A coach can really highlight the value of listening to others and once you are aware of how much difference a simple ear can make, you can then ensure you are there for others whether just as a sounding board or to provide feedback. A great leader has a clear understanding of the people around them and a strong ability to be able to guide them in strategic issues. Women are natural collaborators so teaming up to pool resources and come up with the best solutions will work in your favour.

Ask For Feedback

On a similar note, you should also be able to receive feedback and constructive criticism to help you move forward. Success involves a little bit of risk taking and creative thinking so be open to asking for and accepting feedback and taking the information on board.

If you want to increase your profitability and performance and successful reach your business and financial goals then coaching is a positive way to achieve this.

At Athena Coaching, you will be supported by Linda Murray, a successful businesswoman who has extensive practical business experience and academic qualifications in Psychology as well as a Master in Business Coaching (Distinction). Linda will act as your sounding board and mentor you as you take your steps to achieve success. She will also keep you accountable to help you garner fast, measurable results.

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