D. Keeler – CEO, FilePro

D. Keeler – CEO, FilePro
August 31, 2016 marco

“Hi Linda,
I just wanted to thank you for the unbelievable journey of your coaching over the last 6 months.
Coming across Athena in a seminar format, I was initially impressed with your presentation and the way that you held the attendees attention and interest, definitely the best forum of this nature that I have attended.
Our decision to engage your coaching services has been totally enlightening for me: I have a much greater understanding of my strengths; I feel much more confident in my management and interpersonal skills; My communication style is more effective, and; My time is much better spent and efficient.
At 62, I did not believe that I could gain so much from coaching. Just goes to prove the old saying, “you are never too old to learn”
I look forward to future top ups.”