5 lies that are holding you back in your career and how you can overcome them.

5 lies that are holding you back in your career and how you can overcome them.
April 2, 2022 Linda Murray

“I thought I’d be further along in my career by now, but I seem to be stuck.”

“I can see my next career step, but I just can’t seem to take it.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

I know the frustration of being stuck and unable to move forward. I also see it every single day with clients. They have moments of blaming everything and everyone for their situation except for themselves. The hard truth was that they only had themselves to blame. They were holding themself back but didn’t realise it.

Today they know better. Today they know there’s a lot going on in our minds that we’re not aware of and those sneaky little lies have a huge impact on our choices. 

It’s a fact that people won’t apply for a job unless they tick all the boxes. What makes you think you can’t tick them? See if any of these misleading thoughts resonate with you.

  1. I’m not good enough. This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves and we do it in almost every aspect of our lives. It’s time to stop paying attention to it. The truth is you probably are good enough. You don’t have to be perfect, and you may be just as good as the person who applies for and wins the job. You’ll never know how good you are – and can be – if you don’t take a chance. 
  2. I don’t have the right experience. The truth is there’s more to every job than experience. Consider your skills and knowledge. Think about your personality and personal traits that will be an advantage in the job. You have a lot to offer.
  3. I’m hopeless at interviews. You know what? Most people believe that about themselves! Look at that belief for what it is – a protective mechanism to stop you being hurt. It’s locking you into the space you are now. Every time we do something new or different, we’re taking a risk. It’s time to stop seeing risk as a bad thing. Instead, start thinking of it as opportunity… potential… experience…
  4. No one will take me seriously. If you think hard about this belief what you will soon realise is that it’s YOU who isn’t taking yourself seriously. You’re underrating and undervaluing yourself. If you’re not careful, this will project into the workplace and soon the belief will become truth. People take you at your own valuation in most cases, so find your value and show it.
  5. I don’t fit in, or I don’t belong there. This is all about comparison. You are assessing yourself against others and looking for gaps. You are lacking in self-confidence. Being different is a positive. We’re all different. It’s our unique personalities, strengths and talents that makes work interesting. 

If you are listening to lies like these being perpetrated by your mind, you need to stop. 

Louise Hay is quoted as saying,

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.”

That’s something I want you to remember. You create your reality by choosing what you will or won’t believe. 

Stop listening to the lies you’ve been telling yourself for years and get your career moving again. Executive Coaching can help you shape your positive self-beliefs and break down some redundant beliefs that are slowing your success. 

If you’re confident you can reshape your beliefs but feel confused about your career direction, Athena’s Career Clarity Coaching Program is ideal for you. I’m offering you a free one-day pass so you can explore the program and see for yourself how helpful it will be.

What lies have you been telling yourself? Care to share them in the comments?

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