3 habits that will hold you back from your success

3 habits that will hold you back from your success
November 20, 2018 Linda Murray
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In our last post, we looked at how your brain sabotages your success by running along the same old neural pathways every day.  We talked about the habits the brain develops without you even being aware of it.

Today I want to look at three specific habits you’ve probably learned over time which in many cases have become set in your brain. These are three habits which hold you back and, I say honestly, are hard to break. The first step to overcoming them is becoming aware they exist in your behavioural repertoire.

  1. Waiting for the right time

As we grow up, we learn to look for a sign from an adult or expert which tells us that now is the right time to act. It’s a habit which sticks with us into adulthood when we look to our leaders for the OK to start.

Sometimes, though, there is no “right time” and no one to give you the go-ahead. What happens to many people is they stall; they can’t move forward any further.

Now, if you are the person who has stalled while your peers have not, guess who gets left behind? If your habit is to wait until it ‘feels like the right time’ or until someone gives you permission, you may spend your life waiting.

There is no ‘right time.’ Occasionally you just have to take a risk. Leave the comfort zone you’re trapped in and leap into the action. At the worst, you’ll learn something you didn’t know. At best, you’ll prove yourself worthy as a leader in your field.

  1. Being satisfied

When you’re satisfied with your performance and achievements, it’s a good feeling. You’re content and happy with what you’ve done. You might even call it complacency. “When you’re comfortable, you don’t need to think. You can coast along doing what you’ve always done.”

If this level is as far as you want to go, then congratulations. But don’t let satisfaction be an anchor. You can do more, go further, achieve more, help more people…

Only you know if your satisfaction is the happy end of your journey or a sneaky little tempter back into your comfort zone.

Striving for success isn’t comfortable and it will stretch you. Congratulate yourself on your success to date and keep aiming higher.

  1. Making excuses

It’s not my fault. The system broke down…  You didn’t tell me…

Excuses are the weak person’s shield. When you hide behind them, your focus is on escape and avoiding blame. Instead, you should be learning from the situation.  Admit when you’re wrong and accept your failures. Everyone fails, and yet they survive. So will you.

These three habits are silent and sneaky. You may not even know you’re stuck in them until you stop and analyse your actions and thoughts.

As we said in our last post, habits which are learned can be unlearned. It’s up to you to make the effort to change them. Your brain will fall into line and allow the new habits to be embedded and become natural.

What habits are holding you back? Get in touch and chat with the Athena Coaching team to help you break them and replace them with habits which serve you better. Contact us today.

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