Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane
September 26, 2019 Linda Murray
In Athena Insights

When we ‘stay in our lane’ and stick to the things we are good at, the things we love, the things we have systems around; it means we can maximise ourselves – our time, our energy, our smarts, our resources, and if you own a business, you can therefore maximise your profits. That’s what happens when we stay in our lane.

When you are capable at what you do, and you always deliver at least 100% to everything, you get noticed, as much for your expertise as you do for your approach.

What I mean by that is people want to engage with you, or want to refer you because they know you will deliver.

People even come to you for projects which aren’t quite in your sweet spot, because they know without question, that you will do an amazing job.

So in one way, you think, well, that’s really cool.

It opens up all these opportunities to do interesting, different and exciting projects.

Sure! But there’s a downside. Watch the video to find out more.

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Here’s to your success!

What is meant by staying in your lane? 0.48
What happens when you stray from your lane 2.10

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