How to be a leader everyone wants to follow

How to be a leader everyone wants to follow
August 22, 2019 Linda Murray
In Athena Insights

In this video I talk about what makes a leader followable.

Being in a leadership position doesn’t automatically make you an effective leader. In fact, being in a leadership POSITION doesn’t automatically make you a leader at all!

I believe a leader is someone who people actually want to follow, regardless of their title or positional power.

And this plays out in all areas of our lives.

Think about when you’re out with your group of friends … isn’t there always a leader in the group? They were never given that title at a friends committee meeting! They just are the person who the others want to follow.

Sports teams are the same. We’ve all experienced sports teams where the team captain might be the leader by title, but they’re not necessarily the person who’s instructions and advice people MOST WANT to follow.

In this Athena Insights video I look at 6 ways you can become a followable leader.

If you would like more information on leadership visit our resources section or please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

Here’s to your success!

Share a compelling vision 1.41
Show you care 1.59
Be trustworthy 2.59
Accept you can't do it alone 3.07
Seek Feedback 4.27
Seek responsibility 5.07

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