Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Not many people have been successfully creating businesses since they were just 22 years old. From this experience and her fascination with human behaviour, peak performance and zest for life, Linda delivers keynotes which inspire and motivate.

Whether it is a keynote to a large room or a hands-on workshop, Linda’s presentations are always high energy, memorable and result in tangible actions which drive change. Linda has an electricity about her which is authentic and contagious. Linda’s mix of bubbly effervescence, engagement and wisdom and knowledge that keeps audiences entertained whilst learning.

Linda works in partnership with her clients to customise her presentations to maximise their outcomes from the event.

Core topics include:

    • Peak Performance – Time Management is no longer enough. Discover the new way to maximise the productivity, energy and engagement of your people.
    • Courageous Conversations – Yes, the ones we never like to have! Develop the tools to engage in radical candour that builds connection and relationships rather than destroying them.
    • The Leadership Step – The crucial mindset shift from Manager to Leader. Become a courageous Leader who builds high performing teams, drives commercial results and is someone people actually want to follow.
    • Career By Design– Don’t lose talent to your competition! Help your people recognise their future aspirations within your organisation, and support them with the direction and goals to get there.