What Previous Participants Say

  • Linda has been working with our team at TAL for a long time. She knows our business inside out and is a trusted and valued partner. Linda has supported us in many areas over the years, from 1:1 coaching, running our female talent program, and more recently running our graduate development. She is generous with her time, flexible, strategic and delivers fantastic bespoke services for us. I know if one of our initiatives is in Linda’s capable hands we will get nothing but the best, with measurable outcomes and improvements year on year.

    Thank you, Linda, for the incredible and long term value you’ve brought to our team. I look forward to continuing our partnership and cherishing your energy, passion and enthusiasm – which is highly infectious!

    Jessica OsmondHR Business Manager at TAL
  • “I was feeling uninspired and exhausted in my current role and career more generally. I was so time poor with heavy job and family commitments that the idea of spending even more time with a business coach made me feel even more stressed (not to mention the cost that involves). At 39 I felt stuck and couldn’t see a way out.

    It was suggested to me that I do an online career guidance process. And the Clarity Pack program came highly recommended because of its unique self-guidance process developed by a master executive coach. And I could do it from home in my own time. So, I purchased it. Best money I’ve spent!

    The program took me on a journey that began with reminding me of the forgotten things I loved doing. It then helped me articulate what it was I wanted to do next and ultimately guided me towards roles that excite me. The personality profiling module, in particular, was fascinating and fun. I liked the fact that I could also speak directly with Linda later if I wanted, but I didn’t need to given the program gave me all the clarity I needed.

    All in all, it was quite an amazing experience that was engaging, provocative and reassuring. Completing it left me in a state of excitement and confidence in the same way I felt when I was going for my first job.

    For me, I didn’t end up moving firms. Instead I was promoted from team leader with state responsibility to a divisional head with national responsibility. I was told the reason was because I was motivated and full of ideas in my interviews. This was without doubt due to the Clarity Pack program. The program is a very powerful on line tool for anyone feeling stuck in their current job and need some guidance in getting the next step up.”

  • “SURPRISE! I got the job AND a pay rise! And that is in no small part thanks to you. After completing the Career Clarity Plus program, I was a completely different person in the interviews. I was actually my authentic self! And I couldn’t have done that without your guidance but just as importantly, your belief in me. It meant so much to know that someone as great as you believed in me, which gave me the confidence to know I am right for the job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”