Profiling Tools

Build your self-awareness using these profiling tools.

It’s not uncommon to have several different career changes throughout your life. In fact, we have worked with thousands of clients who are still questioning what they want to be when they grow up.

No matter your age or role, if you feel flat or are looking for a change in your career, use these common profiling tools to help you discover and design your next move.

Identify Your Strengths

Understanding your character strengths is the key to knowing how special and capable you really are.

Your Personality Profile

Discover what drives you using the DISC Profiling Tool with this free 15 minute assessment.

How much "grit" do you have?

Take this quick test to gauge your level of determination, tenacity and ability to cope with pressure.

Saboteur Assessment

Discover what is getting in your way and holding you back from achieving everything you want.

Are you in the right role?

What job would make you happiest? Take this test to help you find a career that fulfills you.

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