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Gain clarity, focus and a create a clear plan of attack on how you are going to make your goals come true. With instant access to the entire course and the following added bonuses you will be well on your way to achieving success sooner![/text_block]

What is included


  • Instant access to the full challenge to work through the entire program as quickly as you like
  • Ongoing access to the course
  • One DISC profiling tool and a full 20 page report explaining what makes you tick, how it impacts your communication, best work environment and areas for development.
  • A one hour coaching session with me to dive deeper into you and increase your self-awareness

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Here’s What Previous Participants Have to Say

When I first started the Athena Coaching Set Yourself up for Success 28 Day Challenge I was not new to goal setting. What I loved about this course was the different approach to setting them into place and the key to focusing on them. It wasn’t until I went through my DISC profile again with Linda that I made some real changes and that my plans really went into action. Taking advantage of this bonus offer has helped me to become more self aware and has certainly helped me to achieve my goals sooner. If you’re looking to make some changes and fast then I highly recommend this package.

Katrina Martin

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