Why is coaching important?

Why is coaching important?

If you are an executive or entrepreneur who wants to fast track your success and has big career aspirations, coaching is your ideal resource. It is a compulsory competitive advantage. These days, the world’s most influential people have coaches: prime ministers and presidents, the most successful CEOs, sporting teams and elite athletes. They know that good coaching enables them to maximise their performance and rise above the rest.

As you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are already a high performer. You’ve probably achieved a certain level of success and are looking for that edge to propel you to a higher level of accomplishment. Coaching is a methodology that enables you to access corners of your potential that you only dreamed of. Coaching shines a light on the underlying causes of what is hindering the growth of you and your organisation. Improvement and excellence requires constant tweaking. Through objective ‘feed-forward’ and the application of proven resources, strategies and methodologies, coaching allows you to see situations in a new light, creating more options and enabling positive change.

Working with a coach empowers you to be the best version of yourself, a strong leader and a role model of influence and presence.

Athena Coaching uses proven methodologies and customised approaches to assist you to:

  • Gain clarityabout your future career aspirations and the best strategies to get there
  • Developpractical skills to take your career to the next level
  • Leadhigh performing organisations or teams with confidence
  • Increaseyour self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Remain accountableas you achieve personal and career goals
  • Leverageyour uniquely strengths and talents to your advantage
  • Have funwhilst implementing strategic and commercial changes that make a real difference … it does not have to be hard work!
  • Get resultsthat have a positive impact on the bottom line and your quality of life!

Unfortunately, Coaching is still a self-regulated industry so it’s important to do due diligence when selecting a coach. Ensure your coach has:

  • Over 5 years’ coaching experience
  • Personal experience in their own business
  • Leadership experience
  • Academic coaching qualifications
  • Recognised coaching industry certifications
  • An understanding of a range of industries
  • A track record of successfully building businesses for themselves and their clients